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FUNharmonics: ZOG

This week we provided key production support for three family and schools live concert performances of ZOG with the London Philharmonic Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall.  In total, around 5,000 children, parents and teachers enjoyed the latest animated film from Magic Light Pictures, based on the witty storybook written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler. The concert followed the adventures of the eager, but accident-prone young dragon, as the London Philharmonic Orchestra performed René Aubry’s lively score orchestrated by Terry Davies to a big screen projection of the film.


Below are some comments from teachers who attended the school concert with their students:


  • Not only did the children wholeheartedly love it ('it's been the best day of my life' - 6 year old), the Senior Staff who accompanied us, was surprised at the concentration levels, the excellent behaviour and their knowledge of the instruments. (I try to prepare them as well as possible). The class teachers (many 1st timers) said it was the best trip they had taken the kids on. The children hassled me on the way home, asking why they could not go again, the following day. They simply, just loved it.


  • Thank you so much for organising such an amazing event. This could very well be the only opportunity our pupils will ever have to watch such a high quality performance.


  • Thank you so much! All of my children were amazed by their first orchestra experience!


  • Everything was incredibly useful, the children were prepared and excited for their first orchestra experience. All the resources were pitched perfectly to KS1 and have given me lots of ideas for planning in the future.

RMAM is proud to have worked with the London Philharmonic Orchestra Education and Community Programme for over 20 years.  We love seeing and hearing so many young people enjoy live music played by one of the wold's great orchestras in really creative programmes featuring the work of fantastic writers like Julia Donaldson.

Evening Standard article by Richard Mallett

Communities can tackle knife crime


Evening Standard - West End Final

4 Oct 2019

IT WAS thought-provoking to hear of Lord Heseltine’s “boots on the ground” approach in Toxteth back in 1981 [“I think back to Toxteth as we seek solutions to knife crime,” October 1].

Heseltine now proposes a crossparty inter-city mayoral commission of enquiry into knife crime and the challenges still facing our communities 38 years later.

He says its composition must represent the communities. I agree. I am in my mid-sixties, I am a parent and I work in the creative sector. I want our young people to have their voices heard. It is their future that’s at stake, after all.


An excellent BBC One programme, EastSide (broadcast on Monday, September 30), helped us better understand the daily fear and the challenges facing our young inner-city dwellers and how creativity can help rebalance their lives. Let’s not forget about our rural communities either.

There is light at the end of the tunnel for troubled youngsters — through creativity.

Article by: Richard Mallett

The ideal expressed in this letter to The Evening Standard about the importance of creativity links to a project which RMAM is developing for primary schools addressing issues around gang culture.  The work is inspired by Sergei Prokofiev's  Peter and the Wolf.  



A commission from Producer Richard Mallett to update Peter & the Wolf to a south London estate. This was a short promo to test the idea. Blower's animation outfit, (using LiveDraw) teamed up with Sean Barnes to make the animation. Vidoons have also collaborated in recent years with Richard on a series of animated stings that were projected above the London Philharmonic Orchestra while they played their FUNharmonics family concerts.

See video here:

View more of cartoonist Patrick Blower's work here:

Water City Music at the Tower: every year at Towe of London

Water City Music at the Tower of London

Every year the Tower of London welcomes hundreds of local school children to take part in a week long arts festival.

Water City Music at the Tower mixes history with music and takes cross-curricular learning to a new level, while creating life-long memories for primary and secondary school students.

Festival 2020 dates: 22 - 28 June

Jazz Wednesday at Trinity Buoy Wharf: Review

An Asian Inspired Jazz Filled Evening At Trinity Buoy Wharf


Squibb Vicious

31 May 2019


The Grand Union All-Star line up that we were there to witness were specially assembled to launch the start of Jazz Wednesdays and they were tasked with bringing the spirit of New Orleans from over 100 years ago tinged with a strong Asian flavour that would literally blow your minds.


I have never heard anything like it ever; I LOVED it! There were tracks that had reggae vibes, tracks that were perfectly suited to a film score and even tracks composed by a member of the orchestra. I can’t put into words just how talented all of the musicians were; I left feeling rather envious of the skills! The sets felt like they were over so quickly that we hadn’t noticed it was gone 9pm and we were done for the evening. It all came to a close a little too soon for my liking!

Article by: Haydy (Squibb Vicious)

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